JW Witnessing Cart Enamel Pin- JW pins, nwpins, new world pins


Shipping to United States: $4.00

JW Witnessing Cart- Soft Enamel Pin

Approximately 1” in Size

Enamel pins are here! We are excited to introduce our new enamel pins available now! This one is a sweet, glossy enamel pin version of our witnessing cart, drawn by us! Get a few extras because all your friends will want one!

Our enamel pins are the perfect size at 1” and our designs come in shiny, sweet colors. The back is secured with a clutch pin which you can secure onto your Sunday dress, jacket lapel, camera strap or hat. The choices are endless!

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All pins order we exactly like the picture on the website. Good to give as gifts just because to our spiritual family.

Beautiful pins. Gave them as gifts.

Great pins!! My cousin loved them as a new pioneer gift!

Oh my word these are so Perfect!! My girlfriend and I just LOVE them... I now need MORE... lol 😆

Cart is cute, JW will know at a glance what it is!

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